Creator, managing different hard and soft skills as, photo multimedia-troubler, watercolorist, painter, architecture invader, wearable art & jewelry designer, writer.

Adopting high quality techniques and concepts developed through instinctualism, leading to key understanding to the purpose of Art nowadays, in the natural order and in close contact to non conformist, intuitive independent Art since 1980.

Making part of Geração 80’s Art movement in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Transferred to Europe in 1986.

Lived in Milan, Italy and Brussels, Belgium.

Moved to Basel, Switzerland, in 1991 taking part in the Basler Art scene, consulting and curated the Demenga Galleries Switzerland art collection until 2005.

Created the brand Llan Valls of Switzerland© & Llan Valls Joies© in 2000.

Curated The Levy Art Collection in Brussels, Belgium from 2000 to 2006.

Since 2008, exhibiting and producing independently, having no ties to comercial art galleries.